Miko are shrine maidens in Shinto shrines (not the same rank as priests, closer to altar boys). They sweep the shrine, do ceremonial dances, perform music, flank the priest at prayers, freshen the offerings, operate the fortune telling lottery (omikuji), sell votive tablets (ema), and in most modern shrines run the knickknack and good luck charms shop. Historically, they used to be mediums and oracles, alongside the male Geki. They are often depicted wielding gohei.

This tag is for pictures where at least one character is wearing the traditional outfit of a miko: a hakama skirt (almost always entirely red) and white kosode.

Conversely, do not use this tag if the character in question is employed as a shrine maiden but does not wear the traditional outfit of a miko described above. Tag them as nontraditional miko instead. Hakurei Reimu and Yae Miko are prominent examples of this.


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巫女是神社中的巫女(与神官级别不同,更接近祭坛童子)。他们打扫神社、跳仪式舞蹈、演奏音乐、在祈祷时侍奉神父、更新祭品、经营算命彩票 (omikuji)、出售许愿牌 (ema),并且在大多数现代神社中经营小摆设和幸运符店铺。从历史上看,她们曾经与男性盖奇一起充当灵媒和神谕者。他们经常被描绘成挥舞着五平。


类型 状态&特征
英文名 miko
别名 ;巫女;巫女服;ミニスカ巫女