The butt resting on a surface (often a chair, couch, or bench), possibly in addition to the legs or feet. For a position with the knees on the floor, use kneeling (except with seiza below).


Related tags

  • butterfly sitting: Rump on floor, knees splayed, soles of feet joined together.
  • seiza: Rump on legs, both legs below body.
  • wariza: Rump on floor, legs bent back on either side.
  • yokozuwari: Rump on floor, legs both to the same side.
  • crossed legs: Rump on chair, one leg on top of the other at the knee.
  • Indian style: Rump on floor, legs crossed at the ankles like a pretzel.
  • lotus position: like Indian style, but with feet placed on opposite thighs with soles facing upward and heels close to the abdomen.
  • sitting backwards: in a chair, facing the backrest.
  • sitting sideways: in a chair, facing the side.
  • figure four sitting: in a chair, the ankle or calf of one leg resting on the knee of the other.


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除了腿或脚之外,屁股还搁在表面(通常是椅子、沙发或长凳)上。对于膝盖放在地板上的位置,请使用跪姿(下面的 Seiza 除外)。

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类型 状态&特征
英文名 sitting
日文名 座る
别名 ;座る;座り;椅子尻