An image that has not been censored by the artist. See decensored for images that have been decensored by a third-party edit.

This tag applies only to genitalia, sex acts, body fluids, or other things that would normally be censored. It does not apply to nipples, or to body parts that aren't fully visible.

In Japan, it is illegal to draw uncensored genitalia if they are to be published publicly for domestic distribution. Some artists skirt around this law by applying censorship that is easy to remove, or by applying pointless censorship that barely hides the censored body part. Others maintain a non-Japanese presence to bypass Japanese laws altogether and distribute uncensored versions of their work. It is also noted that some censorship also doubles as a paywall or sample work of sorts, with the uncensored version available in an artists' donation page, such as Patreon, Fanbox and others.


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未经艺术家审查的图像。请参阅 decensored 了解已由第三方编辑进行 decensored 的图像。


在日本,如果要公开出版并在国内发行,绘制未经审查的生殖器是违法的。一些艺术家通过采用易于消除的审查制度,或者采用几乎隐藏被审查的身体部位的毫无意义的审查制度来绕过这一法律。其他人则维持非日本存在,以完全绕过日本法律并分发其作品的未经审查版本。还值得注意的是,某些审查制度还兼作付费墙或样本作品之类的功能,未经审查的版本可以在艺术家的捐赠页面上找到,例如 Patreon、Fanbox 等。
类型 状态&特征
英文名 uncensored
日文名 無修正
别名 无删剪;无码;decensored;無修正;uncensored